Please note that we are metal detecting experts and have dedicated a lot of time and effort into understanding the skills required for successful recoveries.

Time is of the essence! The sooner you call us and we can search the better chance of recovery. We also highly recommend not mentioning your lost item to anyone on the beach, especially the life guards.

Call Brent Madison 808 430-5660 for a quote


We charge a booking fee that guarantees you that we will show up search for our lost items. This is paid in advance.

Outside of our service fee, this reward is up to you and only requested if we FIND your lost item. Sometimes, your lost treasure can be found in seconds, we commit to searching for up to 2 hours.

Again, we ask that the reward be based not on time it takes, but on the fact that we’ve recovered your lost treasure!

We’re rooting for you to have your valuables recovered but please understand it is still a business. We are professionals and have spent countless hours learning our trade and ensuring  a skilled and competent search for your lost valuables. See our Recoveries page to see our happy clients.

Please contact us for rates.  
Brent Madison  808 430 5660