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We are metal detecting experts specializing in the recovery of lost valuables

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If you have lost your treasured ring or valuables in the sand, sea, land or water – take hope!

We specialize in recovering lost rings, bracelets, earrings and other valuable items which you may think are lost forever!

We are experienced metal detectorists on land, sand and underwater! As scuba divers with specialized waterproof equipment, we can search up to 80 feet for your lost treasure!

Metal detecting is a passion, hobby and business for Brent Madison. When he is not metal detecting, he can be found shooting images as an international architectural photographer specializing in hotels, resorts, spas and villas. Brent has photographed world-famous, luxury hotels and has just recently moved to the Big Island after being based in Thailand for 15 years. He also has experience living in Japan, the Philippines, and Hong Kong.

Sylvie, Brent’s wife, accompanies Brent on recoveries and is a scuba diving instructor and is a freelance e-commerce consultant. She, like Brent has found gold and recently recovered a platinum one-carat diamond ring on assignment.

They met living in Phuket, Thailand. As a special wedding gift to one another, Sylvie and Brent bought the Garrett Sea Hunter II underwater metal detector for one another, and thus started their passion for treasure hunting as a couple.

As co-operators of Big Island Metal Detecting, each have their own metal detectors which they take on assignment doubling the chances of returning lost items.

Sylvie also acts as the diving-safety specialist, making sure that dives to recover lost items are done with maximum bottom time with as little risk as possible.